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Mail Railcar

We conducted a very intense work on a postal car from the Mitre line. By retrieving it from junk, and completely overhauled with high quality materials, trying to keep the outside walls the closest to it's original design , while the interior was rebuilt to accommodate guests.



This postal wagon, also called truck or van postal parcels, and the environment railway affectionately known as "Carlitos", circulated by our country serving in the parcel to the railroad postal Mitre.No all wagons were called Carlitos, only this model, due to its close wheelbase, was uniquely designed with two simple lines.

The Ferrocarril General Bartolomé Mitre (FCGBM) is one of the largest rail network comprising Argentina. Broad gauge, part of the railway terminal in Retiro, in Buenos Aires City, and heads towards the north, crossing the provinces of Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Córdoba, Santiago del Estero and Tucuman. It was formed to nationalize the railroads between 1946 and 1948, occupying roads that were part of the Central Argentine Railway, British capital.

Since that time, was operated entirely by public companies of the Argentine State Railways, after Argentine Railways. Freight trains running to and from the interior, passenger services long distance (including some luxury services), long distance services between inner cities and urban services in the Greater Buenos Aires.