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Getting to "The Station"

Arriving from National Route 205, enter Lobos at Hipólito Irigoyen Av. (its first access if you're coming from Cañuelas) drive 400 meters on Av Hipólito Irigoyen street to turn left on No. 244 st, and make a 150 meters to No. 244. street

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Getting to Lobos

The town of Lobos, is located 100 kilometers from Buenos Aires City in a SW direction - NE and 120 km from the city of La Plata. It is accessible by land through Provincial Routes No. 41 and No. 205 National, and also by train.

Earth roads: National Road No. 205, roadside main route links Capital Federal(Buenos aires) to the Town of Lobos also with the town of Saladillo and Roque Perez . Provincial Highway No. 41 connects the Capital Federal with the towns of Baradero, San Antonio de Areco, San Andrés de Giles, Mercedes, Navarro, Monte, General Belgrano, Pila and Castelli.

Highway Pte Peron (Ezeiza - Cañuelas) helps to shorten the travel time from Buenos Aires, merging into National Route 205 in Cañuelas town.

There are local companies that provide shuttle services departing from Buenos Aires and in just 1hr 30 mins, get's to Lobos. Services are also available from La Plata.

From Retiro Terminal, and Terminal Plaza Once de La Plata there are companies that also offer services Shuttle Lobos.

Network Rail:

The town is crossed by two railway lines: the former Roca Railroad and the former Railway Sarmiento, intersect at the called Empalme Lobos, located on the northern edge of the City.

Once - Lobos: former railway Sarmiento, TBA Company, part of reaching Once Lobos Station, after combination Merlo.

Constitution - Empalme Lobos: former railway Roca, TMR Company, part of Station Junction Constitution Lobos bound to continue to Carboni - 
25 de Mayo and Bolivar.