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Fishing in Lobos

Without doubt the most popular site for fishing, and more services within the party of Lobos, the Lobos is the lagoon, but there are others who, though with less infrastructure, are often very productive.

Lagoon of Lobos

It is located 15 km. southeast of the city of Lobos, in an area of ??800 ha. Varying between 1.60 m depth. and 1.90 meters. according to the time of year because it is leveled by a gate located at its mouth.

The characteristics of this lagoon boat fishing is recommended. The fauna consists of Silverside íticola, Tarariras, tents, toothy, catfish, bream, Mojarras, etc.

Sport Fisherman's Feast

Municipal Tourist Attraction states, Provincial and National has been held from year to year during the month of December, January or February since 1988, the Feast of anglers. As the name suggests is the Fisherman's Feast, his family and everyone who enjoys the outdoors, sport and healthy competition and the sporting, cultural and artistic Lobos offered by that date . The share of princesses of the Queen's emerging sport fisherman, the fireworks show, the performance of the musical genre artistic numbers of first level (Sergio Denis, Los Mariachis, Daniela, Riki Wonder, the real decline), are some of those who performed aquatic especially arming to the end of each edition of the festival.

Arroyo Las Garzas

It is the main tributary of the Lagoon of Lobos, and its water flow depends largely on the depth of the lagoon. For much of 2009, due to the prolonged drought in the province, the river was the Herons with very low flow, during which time also the Lagoon of Lobos fell to half its usual depth. Then, since the spring of that year, the stream began to regain its normal flow. With an average width of about one hundred meters, the stream runs between the Herons rich agriculture and livestock.

At its mouth in the Lagoon of Lobos, the stream widens considerably the Herons, forming a small delta.

You can access this stream at various points, the most visited is located below the bridge on Route 205. Another, perhaps more rugged and beautiful, and often productive fishing is accessing is reached by dirt road from Route 41. The Herons Brook has a rich history as a haven for fishermen, he also captured the coveted silverside, carp of considerable size, wolf fish, and other minor species.

But fishing is not the only attraction. It flows into the lake is usually a meeting place for the most colorful species of birds. Not only are the herons that gives its name to the stream, and different varieties of ducks and gulls. Especially the pink flamingos, which give the Herons Creek its particular color.

Rio Salado

The Salt in our province is the only water course recognized by all who ever wielded a cane, or not living near the river. Not only is the longest in the province but also the largest river and influence, and is the largest "distributor" of fish throughout the province. From the boundary with the province of Cordoba this waterway has been making its way until it empties into the Atlantic Ocean on Samborombón Bay. Their excesses are used throughout its entire course marshes and lagoons. Some of the excesses and / or gaps that are overlooked and others are famous. During his tenure with the Lobos game, this river, directly or indirectly leads to the following shortcomings:

These ponds which are: 
Lagoon of Lobos 
Saltwater lagoon 
Salt lake girl 
Lagoon of Colis 
Lagoon Culu Culu 
The dry Lagoon

The Salado River has a length of 650 kms. rainfall regime is and has a basin equal to 13% of the province, with 34% of the basin covered by the courses that flow into the river. 
Throughout your journey you can bring a rod in hand, catfish, wolf fish, the toothy, carp, mullet and mackerel are the stars of this classic of the plain of Buenos Aires.

The Lobos area is one of the most commonly occur where the smooth, most precious specimen of the river, also a show jumping reprsenta above the water. 
Several approaches can be achieved where the river passes through the Lobos game. The most common on Route 205 (asphalt only party access). As usually the point is on the dirt road connecting the towns of Elvira with Ernestina, the expectation of better fishing. It is also always a high probability of good catches, and a beautiful place, the bridge near the town of Carlos Beguerie, called "Bridge silence."

Other streams

The stream "Burning" would become "The Heron", but after passing through the gap, which can be accessed by taking a dirt road from Route 41, is usually also a point of good catches.Like the stream in times of flood Muñoz, in any of its approaches.