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For those who want to experience the feeling that is experienced in free fall, in Lobos is the ECA, the skydiving center due to its call, Lobos positioned as the national capital of the sport.

At km 106 of Route 205 to 106km from Buenos Aires and 6 km from Lobos (also 6 km from the station), is this famous center.

For those who have no experience or knowledge, there are jumps in tandem.


Tandem Jumps

Once at the airport completed your registration and choose the option you want. You can ask to record a full video of the jump, since you ground crews to landing, and of course you take pictures.

The instructors will give a short talk (15 minutes) where they explain what the jump and how you should behave. 
It equips you with a diver jumping, harness, helmet, goggles and gloves. You need to wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Then you board the plane and ascend for 20 minutes to reach the 3,000 meters, the height of the jump. 
You jump attached to an instructor, without further responsibility than to enjoy the jump.

You are in free fall for a minute. At this time low of 3,000 to 1,500 meters, reaching speeds of 250 km / h.

At 1,500 meters the instructor opens the parachute, and between 6 and 10 minute flight to landing.

For information call (011) 1530589842 or 02227-15539027/15482523. The club is open all year.