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How did they get these cars here? 
Do not steal from a station. These cars were in a state of iron and were tipped by the ONABE. Were purchased required the seller to submit documentation on the auction and sales invoice.

Do we want to buy material rail lag? (Signs, posters, furniture, etc.). 
Yes, but only if it can demonstrate that it has been lawfully purchased in an auction of ONABE. We do not care that no material can show a legal source, but you are not who stole it from a station.

Is this property is located in the vicinity of Lake Wolves? 
It is located in a neighborhood of villas near the town of Lobos and the lagoon is 16km from the city (116km from Buenos Aires). This land, a distance of 100km from Buenos Aires, 4Km de Lobos, 6 km from the golf course and skydiving center and 16km from the lake, is the ideal place to relax away from the noise, while a few minutes from the Centers interest in the area. Complex located specifically in the area of ??the lake, and most units are more apt than this for those seeking a more hectic and less accommodation independently. Or course, for those who prefer walking to get to the lagoon and not primarily interested in other area attractions like the city, rural towns, other options for fishing, etc..

Does the maid service every day? 
No, unless express contract, is not provided daily maid service, the unit is delivered perfectly clean, and not required to be delivered clean to retire. 
The unit comes with linens and towels. The towels are replaced if the stay is several days. It is also supplied shampoo, conditioner and soap.

How breakfast comes into effect? 
It delivers a tray including: 
Tea bags, mate tea, coffee and milk. Sugar, sweetener, orange juice, muffins, crackers, jam and butter.

Do the grills are covered? 
Each individual unit has its own grid. The one found in a closed environment is what we have aimed to who occupies the passenger cars. 
The Postal Wagon has a grill located below the gallery, it has wheels and is recommended to move it out of the gallery to cook. 
The station has your grill under an overhang in the back, between the two galleries. 
If the passenger car is not inhabited dwelling or who prefer not to use the grill, it can be used by guests of the other units. 
The closed environment where the grill is a common space, and there is also the library and other items available to guests of the three units. 

You mention that we have mentioned must be requested in advance? 
No, the library is continuously available to guests. We trust people, but bad experiences have forced us to place a camera that films should continually be necessary to identify who has selected a movie and has not achieved much return. The films in alphabetical order, please recommend the maintenance of order.

Do we have own power generation? 
No, it is common that there are power outages in the area, but in the event of appeal to the goodwill and patience of the guests to understand that it is something very rare, force majeure, and we can not solve.

Is there a concierge continuously, serene, and so on., In the place? 
No, we must bear in mind that this is not a hotel but a small complex of 3 units. Yes we are continuously available by telephone to go immediately in case of any problem that may arise. And also to satisfy any questions that do not even have to do with the property. 
Our intention is the absolute comfort of our guests and we strive in this direction, therefore we are very attentive to every detail to achieve this, but there is no chance of keeping a person constantly on the farm.

Are pets allowed? 
No. We love pets, but understand that some people do not. Then, being an area with common areas, we decided not to allow the entry of pets. Please excuse this inconvenience know.

It is never something you can guarantee it, but happily so far is not something that presents a problem. Lobos has been considered one of the safest cities in the country, and indeed the rate of assaults or serious cases of insecurity is between very low and zero. 
Is installed, however, a monitored alarm system and cameras, mainly with a view to preventing theft when the property is unoccupied, a situation that does represent a probability of occurring, so it is advisable to set the alarm to retire .

Physical disability 
The cars are not recommended for people with some degree of disability, because you need to climb a few steps with enough slope to enter. Station the most appropriate place for these cases.

Is the water you can drink? 
The water comes from the public network, deep well, however it has been analyzed and it is absolutely safe, also has good mineral content. We normally consume it, but just in case we recommend buying bottled water.

What is time? What clothes should we bring? 
WEATHER: We're at sea level, with a very pleasant microclimate, similar to the city of Buenos Aires but in summer it is very common to feel warm at night. Wolves generally has a temperature around 3 ° C below the temperature in the city of Buenos Aires, widening the difference in summer, towards evening, when the cool air allows for better rest. 
In winter we recommend warm clothing for the morning and evening, while the sunny afternoons usually have temperatures that allow light clothing. 

NIGHT WALK:At night and especially since other light, near the station, you can enjoy the incredible view of starry skies.

Is there close to supermarket, bank, gas station? 
150 meters of the property is the avenue of entrance to the city on it, walk 200 meters, is the nearest supermarket. There is also a small store close. On the same street, but about 2000 meters runs a service station, in addition also a similar distance, but on Route 205, there are others. The center of the city, located approximately 4000 meters, with several banks, supermarkets and lots of some service stations.

Is the swimming pool has child protection? 
No, children should always be cared for by older, in this land and elsewhere. Having a door that allows the passage, and several people who go through this, there is no way to have an absolute guarantee of lack of access to the pool for a child. So, please, please take care of children, is nothing more and nothing less than the life of the self, which is at risk.

Are the cars left in garage? 
No, the spaces for cars are open and have only a hedge of reeds, which is only intended to provide shade, and perhaps can serve as protection against a fall of hail.

How do we book? How often paid? 
Choose the unit that they find it more convenient, we will communicate their decision to book, indicating the number of people (*) that will stay, date of admission, date of departure (in low season to indicate if they opt out in the afternoon) and The following details of the person responsible: 
Name and Surname. 
Type and number of identity document. 
Address and telephone number including area code. 
(*) Indicate the formation of the group, adults, children, infants (months), and so on. 
With these data we made them a budget and the reserve is secured by a signal 50% of the total stay. The balance is payable in cash to enter, do not work with cards. 
The sign is paid a deposit in a bank account that will inform them when we indicate their acceptance, after verification of the availability date.

Please check, if not find the answers to your questions do not hesitate to contact. 
Your questions do not bother.