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Lobos Works in the first free equine center of the country. 
Equine Civic Center.

The center grew out of a Municipal Council Project for people with disabilities; entirety by reference to EU institutions dealing with disability and persons interested in the issue, coordinated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

It is intended for young children with various disabilities: locomotor, cerebral palsy, impaired mental, auditory, visual, visceral. 
In this therapy, the horse is used as a means of psychophysical rehabilitation. His movement causes very similar stimuli to human walking.

The Municipal Centre of Equine works in the Equestrian Center facilities Lobos, located at Calle 219 and 240, kindly disposed.

Up the task force, physical education, special education teachers, specialized instructors, and volunteers. 

Stimulates voluntary attention, reaction, concentration and motivation against the fundamental otros.Es in increasing self-esteem and security. 
Promotes more organized mental activity. 
Promotes autonomy and voluntary effort, as well as emotional development.

For your body temperature and volume, the horse, being hugged and touched by the child, provides an important heat transfer, robustness and security. 
Improved asset balance, trunk control and favors the formation of body schema.

Increase the capacity of perception, blood flow, causes relaxation of the lower limbs due to heat, massage and stimulation that causes the animal to walk. This stimulation helps primary areas to their maturation and myelination.